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Are you going through the Brexit blues?

Multi industries including Banking, Betting, Retail, Insurance, Professional Services and Real Estate to name a few, are facing very similar challenges. We are living in an increasingly digitally lead economy, with the landscape changing in a dramatic way. Digital has become an obsession and the only way to keep companies in business. The marketing mix – price, […]

How Efficient is your Marketing Automation?

By now, every marketer knows that marketing automation makes tasks, processes, and campaigns faster and more efficient. And nobody will argue that when marketing channels are integrated and automated, campaigns deliver stronger results. That’s one reason agencies and marketing teams are looking to attain stronger growth through marketing automation integration. Another driver, at least for […]

We can learn a lot from Entertainment Marketing

Lessons From Entertainment Marketing These principles of entertainment marketing are also a roadmap for non-entertainment marketers looking to navigate changes in the way consumers interact with their brands. If you aspire to build brand love and cultural relevance, thinking of your consumers as fans is a great way to start. For anyone in advertising, fan […]

Luxury Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials is not like marketing to their parents or grandparents. Millennials are digital natives at heart. Their idea of importance is not shaped by luxurious and exclusive possessions, but by a commitment to freedom of expression, new experiences and technology that balances their busy lifestyles. Luxury alone will not cut it. With many […]