Are you going through the Brexit blues?

Multi industries including Banking, Betting, Retail, Insurance, Professional Services and Real Estate to name a few, are facing very similar challenges.

We are living in an increasingly digitally lead economy, with the landscape changing in a dramatic way. Digital has become an obsession and the only way to keep companies in business.

The marketing mix – price, place, product, promotion, process, people and physical evidence have also evolved to match this digital revolution and we have noticed key trends across all sectors whereby companies are now focusing on four key areas:


You can have the best product/service available to customers, but its how you package your product/service that wins over consumers


Pricing is incredibly important and needs to be monitored and reviewed regularly – a number of competitors are trying to win market share through reduction of pricing


The end to end customer journey has a huge impact on conversion and customer satisfaction – Every single touchpoint needs to be looked at in detail

Marketing and Digital 

Bullseye targeting and providing relevant engaging content through the right channel (Opti channel) is critical to the success of improving key marketing performance indicators e.g website visits, bounce rates, open rates, cost per click, cost per acquisition etc.

Rich data and psychographic insight tie these four key focus areas together in order to be the leading business in your area.

At 3 Realms Digital we take a 360 degree view at your business to transform you into a digital empire.

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